Propolia Propolis Oily Solution 30ml | 天然蜂蜜蜂膠精華液 (紓緩痱滋, 唇瘡, 牙齦疼痛, 口腔潰瘍, 外耳炎)

Propolia Propolis Oily Solution 30ml | 天然蜂蜜蜂膠精華液 (紓緩痱滋, 唇瘡, 牙齦疼痛, 口腔潰瘍, 外耳炎)

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紓緩痱滋, 唇瘡, 牙齦疼痛, 口腔潰瘍, 外耳炎,針對皮膚、口腔、耳朵方案

  • 主要用途:牙齦疼痛、口腔潰瘍、脣瘡、痱滋和微切口的炎症。可用於皮膚護理及消炎(部份濕疹適用),紓緩炎症和部份濕疹皮膚乾燥,有助皮膚癒合;也可用於抵抗外耳炎和細菌引發的疾病。其油性成份可滴在指尖,利用手指塗抹在口腔深入患處。
  • 主要成份:蜂膠提取物 (純度80%)、天然蜂蜜、有机橄榄油
  • 主要功效:殺菌消炎,傷口癒合,紓緩痛楚,抗氧化,滋潤保濕
  • 推出年份:2010,100%天然,安心使用!
  • 包裝說明:30毫升 玻璃容器 (帶半透明噴嘴)

使用前搖勻,透過出咀附近半透明的位置可以見到瓶內液體是否已均勻 ,另可利用手指用力擠壓出咀半透明位置可以協助擠出蜂膠液、



Intense Propolis - limits inflammation of gums, mouth ulcers and micro-cuts

An ideal, alcohol-free skin product

limits inflammation of gums, mouth ulcers and micro-cuts. This solution contains no alcohol or essential oils. It combines all of the benefits of Propolis and is easy to apply to the skin. Organic olive oil helps it go on your skin and the mucous membranes of your mouth smoothly and the Propolis calms and purifies.
In keeping with the versatility of this product line, you can also use it as a mouthwash or apply it directly to your gums.

In a 30mL glass container - with dropper
• Oral & skin hygiene product •

Directions for use

Shake before use.To soothe your skin: apply the product directly on the affected area using the pipette, and gently massage in for the product to soak in. As a mouthwash: Mix with a little warm water, and use as a mouthwash or gargle.For your gums: apply the solution on your gums with the pipette and then leave the product to work.


Not for use by people who are allergic to beehive products, pregnant women and children under three. Keep out of the reach of young children. Avoid contact with the eyes. Can stain clothes. Store in a cool, dry place.