OCTOBER FIELDS Candle Essential Oil : CALM (lavender + clary sage) 114 g 蠟燭精油:平靜(薰衣草+鼠尾草)114克
OCTOBER FIELDS Candle Essential Oil : CALM (lavender + clary sage) 114 g 蠟燭精油:平靜(薰衣草+鼠尾草)114克
October Fields

OCTOBER FIELDS Candle Essential Oil : CALM (lavender + clary sage) 114 g 蠟燭精油:平靜(薰衣草+鼠尾草)114克

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Our signature blend of organic oils, hand harvested botanicals and natural waxes may help us gather the resources we need to understand our place in this world, accept our choices, distance ourselves from unwanted influences and allow us to rest in the present moment, as it is intended to be. Herbs in this formula: May promote a restful night’s sleep* May soothe the heart and mind, from the effects of daily stress and anxiety* May support an improved mood of peace and positive intention* 
Ingredients: oils of °^Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), °^Sage (Salvia officinalis), ^plant-based wax, ^cotton wick and °^our farm grown botanicals (pretty petals and leaves) that support its intention. °organic, ^certified vegan/cruelty free This item contains no animal products and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
Size: 4oz Vessel: A sweet little jar, with linen paper label, mandala and silver tin lid. (2-1/4”w x 2-3/4”h)
Features: Oil candle is intended to fill a space with soft, meaningful scent and perfect for anyone that prefers a lighter candle experience. The combination of oils, synergistically provide ambient aroma to our mind, body and soul, while fulfilling its purpose, without a heavy, cloying smell. Ritual: Our candles are hand poured and created with love and good vibes. We invite you to use yours as a personal candle, an altar offering, for meditation, setting daily intentions, yoga, office work, reading or relaxing in a bath (and more). Each is intended to encourage moments of self care, balance, grounding, creativity, focus, purity and rejuvenation. Disposal: Clean and reuse or recycle when finished. Plant based + free of: phthalates, parabens + nitro musks and preservatives 

這款由有機油、手工採摘的植物和天然蠟混合而成的招牌產品,可幫助我們收集所需的資源,讓我們了解自己在這個世界的位置,接受我們的選擇,遠離那些不好的影響,讓我們安於當下,這就是我們製作它的目的。 本配方中的草藥: 可促進夜間安穩的睡眠* 可舒緩心臟和心靈,免受日常壓力和焦慮的影響* 可幫助平靜情緒,獲得正向動機*
成分:薰衣草油、鼠尾草油、植物蠟、棉芯以及支持平靜目的的農場種植植物(漂亮花瓣和葉子)。 有機的,經認證適合素食者/未經殘忍動物實驗 本項目不含任何動物產品,適合素食者和嚴格素食者。
容器:一個可愛的小罐子,帶有亞麻紙標籤,曼荼羅和銀色錫蓋。 (寬度2-1/4"" x 高度2-3/4"")
特點:精油蠟燭旨在用柔和、有意義的香味來填充一個空間,非常適合喜歡淡香蠟燭體驗的人士。油的組合具有協同增效作用,為我們的思想、身體和靈魂提供氛圍香氣,同時實現蠟燭的製造目的,絕不會產生濃重厭惡的氣味。 儀式:我們的蠟燭均是手工澆築的,旨在傳達愛意和良好氛圍。您可以將蠟燭作為個人在祭壇的貢品,也可以在冥想、設定日常目標、瑜伽、辦公、閱讀或在浴缸中放鬆(以及其他情境)時使用。使用每一款蠟燭時,均旨在鼓勵自我關懷、平衡、接地、創造力、專注力、純潔和恢復活力。 處置:用完後進行清潔,以便下次使用或回收。 以植物為基礎+不含:鄰苯二甲酸鹽、對羥基苯甲酸酯+硝基麝香和防腐劑 
Made in USA 產地:美國