Ecostore - Toothpaste Complete Care 100g 薄荷味牙膏 100 克

Ecostore - Toothpaste Complete Care 100g 薄荷味牙膏 100 克

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Gently cleans teeth, freshens breath and helps protect gums, while being a safer option for you.

Natural ingredients :

  • Magnolia bark extract a natural extract shown to support oral health.
  • Kanuka oil harvested from the NZ native plant, Kanuka. With antibacterial properties.
  • Natural essential oils peppermint, spearmint, cinnamon and clove leaf oil provide a long lasting freshness.

Contains a balance of mineral and plant derived ingredients for naturally better care of your mouth. Flavour sourced from nature.

Brush at least twice a day after meals and follow with Ecostore mouthwash.



  • 木蘭樹皮提取物是一種天然提取物。幫助口腔健康
  • 從新西蘭本土植物 Kanuka 中收穫的 Kanuka 油。 顯示具有抗菌特性
  • 天然精油薄荷 、Spearmint、肉桂和丁香葉油。可提供持久的新鮮感
  • 絕不經動物測試
  • 絕不含基因改造成份
  • 含量濃縮為你節省金錢
  • 只使用現時市面上最環保的物料包裝
  • 所有成份均被清楚列明在包裝上

含有平衡的礦物質和植物衍生成分,自然更好地呵護口腔。 來自大自然的味道。

每天至少在飯後刷牙兩次,然後使用 Ecostore 漱口水