ONE & ALL S+S Recovery Gel Cream 100ml | 深層舒緩降溫蘆薈修復乳霜  面部+身體
ONE & ALL S+S Recovery Gel Cream 100ml | 深層舒緩降溫蘆薈修復乳霜  面部+身體
One & All

ONE & ALL S+S Recovery Gel Cream 100ml | 深層舒緩降溫蘆薈修復乳霜 面部+身體

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  • 深層舒緩降溫蘆薈修復乳霜 – 適用於面部及身體
  • 天然蘆薈及薄荷油香味,不含人造香料
  • 性質溫和,不油膩,為所有年齡和皮膚類型而設
  • 其主要成份有助鬆弛神經,或有助舒緩濕疹及過敏皮膚
  • 蕴含6種天然精華油,劇烈運動後使用促進血液循環,舒緩肌肉酸痛
  • 深層滋潤及修護暴曬、 受灼傷皮膚
  • 降溫降红,極冰涼感覺
  • 有助防止昆蟲叮咬,痕癢皮膚得到即時舒緩止癢
  • 生物可降解,One & All 是愛護海洋環保產品品牌
  • 95.5% 有機認證及天然成分:
    • 蘆薈 – 抗氧化、抗炎,有助於抑制有害細菌的生長,加速曬傷、燒傷、蟲咬等皮膚傷口癒合,改善痤瘡問題,幫助緩解皮膚發熱,滋潤皮膚
    • 甘油 – 適合所有皮膚類型,尤其對乾性皮膚有效,可防止水分流失並加速傷口癒合
    • 薄荷油 – 減輕壓力和焦慮,放鬆神經,緩解肌肉酸痛、抽筋、扭傷、皮膚過敏、曬傷和其他不適,有助於去除頭皮屑,舒緩頭皮刺激和皮膚乾燥
    • 檸檬油 – 抗氧化劑,pH值平行恢復皮膚亮度
    • 地中海絲柏精油 – 抗菌、解痙、除臭、收緊皮膚和肌肉
    • 岩薔薇精油 – 讓肌膚煥發活力
    • 山竹果皮提取物 – 敏感肌膚抗氧化,抗炎抗過敏,有助於改善痤瘡
  • 適用於面部和身體,薄薄塗抹或輕按針對性部位至吸收,亦可直接按摩全身,能讓全身肌肉得以放鬆。
  • 郊野地方可先薄薄塗抹於外露皮膚防止蚊釘, 被灼傷、被蚊咬皮膚得到即時舒緩及止癢,迅速修復
  • 僅供外部使用,只需薄薄塗抹避免接觸眼睛,如不慎觸碰到眼睛,請用水徹底沖洗。
  • 如出現刺激跡象,請停止使用。
  • 建議2歲以上的兒童使用, 如有特別因素使用前或先諮詢醫生。
  • 請將本品放在兒童不能接觸的地方。
    • 以產品蓋頂內的尖部鑚開封密的錫紙即可使用


    • Deep Soothing Cooling Recovery Gel Cream – For Face & Body..
    • Natural Aloe Vera and Peppermint Fragrance.  No Artificial Fragrance.
    • Gentle and non-greasy, formulated for all ages and skin types.
    • Its main ingredients help relax the nerves, and may help soothe eczema and irritated skin.
    • Contains 6 kinds of natural essential oils, used after strenuous exercise to promote blood circulation and relieve muscle soreness.
    • Deeply moisturises and repairs sun-exposed and burned skin.
    • Decrease skin temperature and reduce redness, extremely cold feeling.
    • Helps prevent insect bites and instantly soothes itchy skin.
    • Biodegradable, One & All is a brand of ocean & eco-friendly products.
    • 95.5% Certified Organic & Natural Ingredients:
      • Aloe Vera – anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, helps inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, accelerates the healing of sunburn, burns, insect bites and other skin wounds, improves acne problems, helps relieve heated skin, and moisturises the skin.
      • Glycerin – suitable for all skin types, especially effective for dry skin, prevents moisture loss and speeds up wound healing.
      • Peppermint Oil – reduces stress and anxiety, relaxes nerves, relieves muscle aches, cramps, sprains, skin allergies, sunburn and other discomforts, helps remove dandruff, soothes scalp irritation and dry skin.
      • Lemon Oil – Antioxidant, pH Parallel Restores Skin Brightness.
      • Mediterranean Cypress Essential Oil – antiseptic, antispasmodic, deodorant, tightens skin and muscles.
      • Cistus essential oil – rejuvenates the skin.
      • Mangosteen peel extract – antioxidant for sensitive skin, anti-inflammatory and allergic, helps improve acne.


    • Applicable to the face and body, apply thinly to the targeted area until absorbed, or directly massage the whole body to relax the muscles of the whole body.
    • Apply it thinly to the exposed skin, burned and mosquito-bitten skin and itch can be instantly relieved.


    • For external use only, avoid contact with eyes, in case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.
    • If there are special factors, consult a doctor before use.
    • Please keep this product out of the reach of children.


    • Please use pointed part inside the cap to drill foil.