BEAUDIANI Moist 04 Cream 深層滋養保濕面霜04

BEAUDIANI Moist 04 Cream 深層滋養保濕面霜04

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The last step in skincare, the cream contains shea butter. Shea butter is a vegetable oil that provides nutrients, moisturizes, and improves skin health, and forms a strong moisture barrier on the skin. And the cream also has excellent skin health improvement effects and contains carrot seed oil that does not require any special precautions, making the skin healthy overall. If you finish the last skincare with BEAUDIANI cream like this, you can control the oil and moisture of the skin by forming a stronger skin barrier.

Key points -> Safe Finish with a smooth feel -> Chewy and Soft formulation -> Perfect application without stickiness -> Only non-irritating ingredients such as vegetable oils are used -> Vegan certified -> All EWG green grade ingredients used